What Are We Fundraising For?


Some parents are not particularly aware of areas of the school where funds could make a difference. They just don’t see the point of seemingly unnecessary cake sales and quiz nights, especially if it’s not their thing. Sometimes parents take the benefits of an active parent-teacher group for granted, and only miss it when it’s gone.

So what can you do?

Rather than always pleading for general help, focus on spreading positive messages of what your last fundraising event raised and exactly what the next lump sum will be spent on. Put up your specific targets for the next few events.

Discuss wish lists and get people voting on what they want it spent on in advance. Make it real, give them ownership and a goal, so it’s not just some random pot of money. Also make sure the events are appealing to the parents, or you may end up cancelling when nobody buys tickets.

Remind parents that it’s not only about them… the kids really enjoy the spooky parties, Christmas grottos, Film Club nights and other social events (and these are all fun experiences they could miss out on without funding).

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