Tips for PTO Officer Transition


Before your next election, start planning ahead with these tips for PTO Officer Transition.

Set the foundation ahead of time by creating organization binders and files that are good pass on to new officers. Create reports of the group meetings for committees, officer executive board members, and as well as the principal.

Get started by noticing volunteers who actually could posses the ideal abilities to take on leadership duties.

On an upcoming meeting add to the agenda time to discuss the upcoming election. Find out who will be returning and who will need to have their place filled. Ask each current board member to write up a brief job description.

Review your election bylaws. Do your current voting and nomination process need to change? Is there something that went wrong last year and needs to be changed this year?

If you have new leaders in mind, take time to sit down and talk with them about the officer positions. If they are on the fence about applying, you might have a opportunity to education them on the position, or help them overcome their fears and concerns. Review the time commitments, duties, and of course the fun parts of being part of the PTO.

Wrap up your election with a celebration! Include both officers who are retiring and new officers that are joining. Have retired officers have a one on one meeting with new officers to review files/binders, and exchange information such as email, phone numbers; the retired officers are a great resource for the new officers.

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