The PTO Fundraising Misconception


If you happen to be feeling the adverse impact of fundraising exhaustion… possibly your most recent event wasn’t as successful as last year’s event or you are having problems getting volunteers to assist you, then the issue is most likely with your parent teacher organization group’s fundraising routines.

A good number of common mistakes result to fundraising fatigue and less successful fundraising benefits. The first problem is to scrape your parents for funds the entire year. If you answered “yes”, then it’s no question your parents are getting overwhelmed. We need to conduct less fundraisers, in addition to running those few a lot more effectively. A few weeks of very solid efforts and targeted fundraising focus is usually much more effective than several weeks when some mix of small fundraisers tend to be taking up time and energy.

The other problem is neglecting to highlight on the reason why you’re fundraising. It is not about dollar figures raised. It’s about the new classroom computers or cafeteria tables. It’s about the group efforts. It is all about the countless other excellent successes that your parent teacher organization group does. Be sure to announce to your parents your goals and results – so they know where their donations are going and celebrate the win with you.

The fact is that fundraising delivers crucial financing for the additional items in which change schools from a building with teachers within into captivating sources of knowledge and discovering as well as building a community. From field trips to playgrounds, fundraiser exposes students to things they never would get to see before and creates family events that create memories. These are the fundamentals of fundraising.

No one gets fatigued from cheerful faces and making extraordinary experiences for students and their families.

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