How to Plan A BBQ Fundraiser


Plan your very own fundraiser by throwing a barbecue this summer.

Barbecue fundraisers are a great way to raise money for any charity or community event. There are many reasons why knowing how to plan a BBQ fundraiser will benefit you and your local community events. Assist your kid’s sports teams and other community groups and organizations in crisis. Planning a barbecue fundraiser with these helpful hints in mind will make you an irreplaceable asset to the community, the kid’s school and after school programs as well as other private organizations.

You’ve just volunteered to coordinate the first annual community park fundraiser and the fundraising committee is looking to you for fundraising event ideas that will draw community awareness and money. So you suggest a fundraiser barbecue since you know how to plan a barbecue fundraiser. And you also know that with proper planning the barbecue fundraiser can maximize the tremendous benefits this type of event will bring to the community or chartable cause with a little imagination and creativity.

Now it’s time to start planning the barbecue fundraiser. This is when having an understanding of delegating project assignments and working with a team is very critical. Remember this is a community or team event so DO get everyone involved. Dividing the fundraising committee into smaller groups is the very first step of your job as the fundraising coordinator.

Barbecue Fundraiser Committee

Advertising and Promotions Committee: Responsible for getting the word out to the community about the barbecue fundraiser.
Entertainment and Activities Committee: responsible for music, stage set up if any, Games, contest and other community activities during the fundraiser event.
Decorations and Booth Committee: coordinate the fundraiser decorum and offer booths for community businesses to adopt and participate in building the barbecue fundraiser pot.
Food and Refreshments Committee: orchestrate and sale the barbecue, plus coordinate cook off contest and other barbecue related activities.

5 Steps to a Barbecue Fundraiser

Now that the committees are established, committee officers are voted in, and the initial barbecue fundraiser budget is in place it’s time to plan the barbecue fundraiser:

Step 1 – Establish a goal amount for the fundraiser to reach. For example $10,000 dollars for team uniforms or $5000 to remodel the recreational center. Maybe the fundraiser is meant to raise money to refurbish the park and get new playground equipment and landscaping. Setting the goal for the fundraiser is the main reason; therefore making sure the amount covers the entire need will also determine the level of activities the barbecue fundraiser will need to reach that goal.

Step 2 – Deciding on the location to host the barbecue fundraiser is an essential component to the planning process because specific factors like accessibility, space and time limits are important for activity planning and budgeting.

Step 3 – Establish the barbecue fundraiser attractions such as a barbecue cook off, Blue ribbon Barbecue Sauce contest, barbecue hot dog eating contest, games, entertainment etc. Also establish a barbecue menu with prices the customers can buy to help reach the fundraising goal. Other attractions may include but depending on the budget, carnival, western, renaissance and even flea market theme attractions to make it fun.

Step 4 – Find out if any licenses, food or sellers permits are required once the location and activities have been established. Additionally get other local business involved to donate goods, custom design T-shirts or other memorabilia to commemorate the event and help with reaching the goal.

Step 5 – Get those creative juices flowing and come up with a good Barbecue fundraiser slogan. This is the most important part of promoting the event and getting community attention. Drawing off of the barbecue theme, the purpose and goal amount are the three elements the barbecue fund raiser slogan should incorporate. It should also be catchy and memorable.

Once all five basic steps of planning a barbecue fundraiser have been determined, put your money management and delegating skills to work. Divide each step into smaller tasks to each committee according to committee type and task then set committee budgets and time lines. The bottom line is getting the barbecue fundraising plans in motion like professional fundraisers do; the smart way! Take your time and don’t try to carry the entire load.


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