Most Helpful Things PTO/PTAs Can Do For Their School


Almost all parent organizations wish to have an uplifting influence on their schools. But occasionally, it is hard to know exactly what kinds of projects create a significant impact.

For parent teacher organizations, achievements can be found with the details. It is the specifics which will deliver a great success.

Request feedback in order to recognize volunteer opportunities.
Incorporate as many parents as possible in the discussion. Send out surveys and value the feedback. Hold open meetings for parents to give their ideas and stress any concerns they may have. Ideas they may have may create new volunteer positions. More hands on deck means more that gets accomplished.

Encourage participation in parent-teacher conferences.
Face-to-face parent-teacher conferences are extremely important. You need to get creative in conveying that message. For example, parent teacher organizations might promote offers for parents who attend, like a raffle for a gift certificate. Sometimes parents go into meetings not know what to ask about their child’s academics. You can provide a general list of questions parent could ask to start an open conversation.

Inspire students to read.
Reading is crucial in order to achieve academic success, and many parent teacher organizations encourage kids to practice reading. Parent teacher organizations can easily develop on what teachers are currently doing in the classroom, by holding readathons, family reading nights and author visits.

Let parents know what’s new.
Usually, once schools roll out new programs and tests, that parents don’t understand. Parent teacher organizations can easily assist in explaining it. PTO/PTA’s have held meetings that give a slideshow explaining new methods and changes. Also include these school changes in newsletters and email blasts.


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