How Effective Are Your Bylaws?


Your PTO may be smooth sailing today, but developing current bylaws published secure the continued credibility of the parent teacher group from the uncertainty concerning the possible future.

Bylaws seem to be the most important document that no one can ever find. They are usually hidden away, stuffed in the back of a filing cabinet or lost in an old binder no one has seen since the year before last. Perhaps they don’t exist for your group at all.

The simple idea regarding “bylaws” brings up visions involving the most mundane written document overflowing with judiciary legal terms way too complex for the typical parent teacher group leader to comprehend.

Nevertheless attempt to take a look at your bylaws as a practical program which wants to change as your parent teacher group grows. Due to the fact bylaws are impersonal, they consume emotions and thoughts entirely out of the everyday procedures of the parent teacher group by putting the most crucial rules directly in writing. Anytime your parent teacher group challenged with a situation, your members can reference their executive procedures so that decisions are made for the good of the organization that is whole not just motivated by individual goals. The bylaws go beyond single members, that way there is structure every year.

Operating With Your Bylaws

After election, each officer will obtain and read their individual copy of the bylaws. The executive board needs to evaluate them as a group to confirm that every member recognizes exactly what is included in the bylaws. Review each officer’s role description to assess just how the duties are to get dispersed. As you create the blueprints for the year, compare your plans alongside your PTO’s mission statement contained in your bylaws. Additionally, examine the finance regulations in order to be assured you are within compliance. Always keep a copy of your bylaws in your officer binder so you can consult it for the duration of the year as needed.

Bylaws are not an inactive document meant to be stored away for years. They must transform to satisfy the evolving necessities of your parent teacher group. So revisit them each year, preferably towards the end of the election term whilst the activities of the season are still fresh in mind. Start thinking about whether they completely focus how your PTO does business. Determine possible amendments which can be dealt with at the start of school year, and forward the evaluation to your new executive board.

Every three years, arrange a bylaws overview committee. This particular group’s duty would be to go section by section through the bylaws document, evaluating if the document actually matches the group’s wants on a large degree. This particular committee may suggest individual changes or perhaps a general rewrite, or simply just affirm the document sufficient as it is.

To ensure that you can make reference to your bylaws later on, do not misplace them — always keep a copy within the group’s master files, stored in principal’s office, as well as in every single officer’s binder. Publish them digitally on the PTO’s website as well as on an online cloud server – (


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