Getting Parent Involvement in Middle School


Recognize that many middle school parents have only a two- or three-year connection with the school, so snag them early

Many middle school parents have a two or three year involvement with the school, it’s a crucial time to get them involved early by giving them easy ways to contribute. Visit neighboring elementary schools’ PTO/PTA’s late in the year to recruit incoming parents for graduating students. When pulling new parents from all neighboring schools, it is not uncommon for parents from a more dominant elementary school to be the majority of the group. Work to build a combined PTO/PTA Group and not allow a large portion of a new parent group to alienate your existing group. It helps to add a parent from each neighboring elementary to your board.

Some middle schools plan welcoming events that are parent only for incoming students. It helps the parents to focus on volunteering opportunities and less on their child’s academic achievements. Middle school parents are more likely to attend meeting if the discussions also include useful tips as parents of teens.

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