Family Night Idea: Family Art Night


Just Glue It, Just Shake It, Just Make It!

Set up simple table centers to make Masks, Puppets, Drawings, Instrument, and so much more…

School Banner

Cut several long pieces of butcher paper. As each Student comes in have them place their thumb print with paint on the banner. You can have the students sign their print, or let them decorate it to look like them by adding eyes, nose, mouth and maybe a bow or hat. You can later decorate the background and display it in your school halls.

Water Gun Painting

Fill several water guns with water color paints and water. Keep it simple by putting blue paint in blue squirt guns, and red paint in red squirt guns for example. Per family, hang a piece of butcher paper in front of a protected surface (shower curtains lining the walls and floor) or hang it outdoors. Allow the family to squirt the butcher paper to create their own family art work!

Painting with Jars

Dip plastic Tupperware or jar openings into paint to create a collaborative family art piece on white or colored butcher paper! The rule is, they can only use the circle ring from the jar openings. The family will have a new piece of abstract art created together!

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