Communication Is Still Key in Middle School


Communication can be a challenge once PTO/PTA’s head to Middle School. The lack of a homeroom period can complicate things. Best way is to work with the principal for ideas on how to reach students. During daily announcement, their lunch period, or during a certain class period are great ways to reach out to the students.

School staff should be on your distribution list for any PTO/PTA newsletters, flyers or announcements. Be sure to put a copy in their mailbox as they might not read everything posted in the teachers workroom or lounge.

Get on social media. Spread the news via Twitter and Facebook. Statistically students are using social media tools more than their adult counterparts. Teachers are now using social media to remind their students of upcoming quizzes, tests, or things due.

Most PTO/PTAs are designated a bulletin board to use in the hallways. When designing your bulletin board display, keep students in mind. They are more likely to look at the board if it is geared towards them. Make sure to keep the information relevant and current.

Sign up for the neighboring elementary school and highshool PTO/PTA Newsletters. How can their upcoming events benefit yours? Watch for conflicting dates/overlap, so parents/students can attend your events stress free.

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