Books for Kids (and Parents) Who Like Adventure – Event Theme


As parents, we know that often our kids’ interests are clear from the time they can crawl.

Children tend to lean toward the schedule they prefer, the things that give them comfort and joy, and the triggers that set them off very early in the game. It’s our job as parents to do what we can to support our children’s interests with books and learning opportunities from the get-go.

So what if you have an adventurer or explorer on your hands? A child who always tends take the long way around, instead of the shorter, more direct route? A child who thinks big, is always up for trying new things, and loves to live a little on the edge?

Do you have explorer children in your family? Rope them into reading with these books with adventurous characters

Adventure Annie Goes to Kindergarten by Toni Buzzeo

Adventure on Klickitat Island by Hillary Horder Hippely

Meanwhile… by Jules Feiffer

The Day the Babies Crawled Away by Peggy Rathmann

The Trucker by Brenda & Mark Weatherby

Lost! A Story in String by Paul Fleischmann

The Secret Shortcut by Mark Teague

Nighttime Ninja by Barbara DaCosta

Maxwell’s Mountain by Shari Becker


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