Bingo Night Fundraiser


Need a fundraiser?

Try Bingo Night!

It’s not just for your Aunt Sheila and her knitting group! Bingo Night can be energetic, extremely funny, loud, lucrative and fun for all the family.

Charge each guest for a bingo card and put some of the money towards a prize fund, with the rest going to charity. Charge for refreshments and snacks to raise more money.

Bingo cards can be purchased online – most can be found on Amazon. However, it’s not too difficult to make and print your own grid cards. Make sure there are plenty of pens or markers at the tables to mark off the numbers as they are called.

The bingo caller plays a very important role to your bingo fundraiser event. The caller should have a loud projecting authoritative voice, but make sure they are fun and energetic too.

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