3 Worry-Free Organization Tricks


A tiny bit of preparation and organization now will allow you to have trouble-free school year.

It happens, in the dynamic world of parent teacher organizations, last minute concerns pop up. But you could escape the disaster which creates the headache. Keep in mind it simply requires a bit preparation and organization to keep the worry meter behind you all year long.

1. Getting inside your zone.
You are preoccupied with life. You have children as well as obligations. Often times it feels just like you are living your life on the edge of your seat. In order to become a successful parent teacher organization president, you must generate a bit relaxation amidst the madness. Establish a separate area of your house to manage all of your PTO/PTA materials. Such as a bookcase, or a desk. Always keep all of PTO/PTA items like calendar, books, phone and email lists, binders, guides etc in one space. Alternatively, you can go green and use a PTO/PTA management software – like PTOFFICE.

2. Familiarize yourself with your resources.
Build your self a board support system of information and advice, and keep them in the same place. This way you will always have a ton of ideas and solutions for anything that comes up. The support system can be a network of past board members and officers. Be sure to get previous officers numbers when you are newly elected into office, just in case any problems arise. Any long member of the group can provide help and insight how things worked, they can help you learn what worked and what didn’t. Get involved with parent teacher organizations from neighboring schools. Most are happy to share their experiences with you. Contact them to introduce yourself and let them know you are there to support them as needed.

3. Develop the lines of communications
Making 20 to 30 calls yourself to volunteers is tiring. Create a phone tree that can be shared. Call a handful of volunteers, and ask them to make a handful each. You can also use the power of email. Email is a quick form of communication. Be sure to collect email addressed from all members who have them. You can speed things up faster by creating email templates of your most used correspondences, and just update the information such as dates, names, locations each time you use it.

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