10 ways increase your PTA or PTO membership


Here are some useful ideas:

1. Send invitations to join PTA/PTO throughout the entire PTA/PTO year. Don’t stop because your major membership enrollment is over!

2. Ask to speak for five or ten minutes at a teachers’ meeting. Publicize your year’s activities and encourage their participation and membership.

3. Councils: A request to the superintendent may get you a spot on the agenda of a principals’ meeting. Emphasize membership and strength in numbers district wide.

4. Contact your educational TV channel and inquire about time during their programming to tell about the PTA/PTO. Many stations give up to 30 minutes each month.

5. Display membership posters in appropriate places in your school and community.

6. Ask TV and radio stations’ program directors to include PTA/PTO in any interview or “talk” shows appropriate for parent involvement or views. Be sure to have articulate and well-informed PTA/PTO representatives.

7. Hang a banner outside the school or in a prominent place on a building in your community that is highly visible. Consider investing in a weatherproof banner that can be displayed year after year.

8. Use the energy and enthusiasm of others — involve parents, teachers and students on your membership committee.

9. With membership enrollment, include a questionnaire to be returned to your PTA or PTO. Ask their feelings on programs and activities; explain PTA’s/PTO’s efforts on behalf of children; ask for their membership and participation. People who feel a part, take part!

10. If you have a real need in your community, identify it. A cause around which people can rally is likely to increase membership.

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